Monday, February 11, 2013

Let it SNOW!

Feb. 2013 Snow Storm - Boston MetroWest

9am Friday
11am Friday - snow starting
2pm Friday - a few inches
4pm Friday - approx. 4 inches
8pm Friday - at least 6 inches
9am Saturday - 28 inches - (shot taken from inside the house because we were unable to open the back door)

Other Pictures

Side porch with extra tall baby gate
Many hours later, you can only see the top of the gate.
Baby gate from the front - see snow drift patterns
Hurricaine force winds
Front porch Friday morning
Front porch Friday evening
Front porch Saturday morning
Front porch Sat. morning - blue cooler under here, with a road/street in front of the house
Saturday afternoon - snow almost at kitchen windows
While we had 4-5 ft. snow drifts in some of the parking areas, our car only had a light dusting.

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